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TOPS Luchtfilter (TOPS) is a real family business founded about 40 years ago. For a long time, they made a good living supplying air filters to industrial paint shops and car damage repair companies. In 2009, Nico van den Boomen joined the company for growth. Soon it also supplied air filters to installation companies, shipbuilders, hospitals and schools. Laws and regulations and the maintenance of service and quality further increased the popularity of the company".

This is how TOPS gets 100% satisfied customers

When new houses were delivered with a ventilation unit equipped with air filters and the advance of energy labels on houses, Nico thought it was time for direct sales to consumers and Owners' Associations. A webshop was set up, where filters are easy to order. Thanks to the smart use of data and good findability, the turnover increased rapidly. In the meantime, the TOPS webshop expanded to Belgium, Austria, and Germany, where it is now market-leader. Its popularity is due to the company's mission: "We want 100% satisfied customers", says managing director Nico van den Boomen. "We think along and give advice on the right air filters. We produce and deliver what the customer needs at the right time. Only then can we distinguish ourselves from the competition."

Despite the growth in turnover and satisfied customers, TOPS noticed last year that the delivery reliability could be further optimized. Sven Vrijdag, Purchasing & Logistics manager, did the sales planning by heart and using a whiteboard for the purchasing planning. "That was no longer sufficient," he says.

"The planning of the orders is now top-notch"

Because of vPlan, the delivery reliability has increased enormously

"In vPlan I give planning cards a priority and thus have full insight into the entire purchasing and sales process. This saves me a lot of time because I no longer have to write cards manually. We will soon be expanding with personnel scheduling in vPlan. We can grow while we keep track of things."

Also, the knowledge of planning is in the system and not in Sven's head. The planning got into trouble when he was absent. "Now everyone is up to date thanks to the clarity of the program. It is easy for everyone to work with the touch screen controls. Thanks to vPlan, delivery reliability has increased enormously. And if there are any delays, we can tell the customer in good time."

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